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The Scanner - Direct Imaging Technology HD (High-Definition) Cell Inspection

Our Technology

VBact has developed a new technological sphere to provide what is long awaited - a tool for real-‎time, automated, continuous and sensitive microbial monitoring and diagnostics of liquids. The ‎core technology is based on novel Direct Imaging techniques which are label-free and allow ‎immediate detection of microorganisms. ‎

VBact first product line, the “Bacterial Water Scanner” (Scanner), offers an in-line, ‎automated, continuous, sensitive detection and enumeration of Bacteria and micro-particles. The Scanner ‎technological building blocks: high definition Direct Imaging unit, image processing, sample ‎collection and handling units enable to adapt the technology to various liquids and environments. ‎

The technology has additional flexible attributes, such as: compact size, simplicity, cost-‎effectiveness, multiplexing [detecting more than one object type in a single test] and direct ‎transformation of samples testing into digital information. All these features are the outcome of ‎designs and developments placing customer needs in the center, with the intension to enable ‎new level of operational flexibility to its users.‎

VBact Scanner includes three main innovative modules:‎

‎1.‎ Fluid management - new concepts for direct sampling. The “Scanner” uses a flow cell unit ‎for in-line direct sampling and analysis. ‎

‎2.‎ Direct Imaging - patented direct high resolution optical concept, which allows direct imaging, ‎inducing specific spectral and optical properties of bacteria, cells and other microorganisms. ‎The technology can differentiated between basic groups of microorganisms and main groups of microparticles. The technology is ‎cost-effective and free from bio-chemistry reagents or the use of culture method. It is based ‎on a single cell analysis concept and offers an accurate, quantitative measurement of the ‎entire microbial sample content.‎

‎3.‎ Image processing - integrated software and hardware components which include: ‎management console and powerful novel image processing algorithms, including Machine Learning and AI capabilities. The image processing module is ‎adjusted for each microorganism and is based on multi-parameter analysis which enables ‎object classification between basic group types.‎

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Today, bacteria detection is a manual, slow (24h to days), and labor intensive process, usually limited to a specific bacteria type. VBact technology will make it ultra-rapid, automated process, applicable to many bacteria types. This innovative concept offers new capabilities to unmet needs in many areas of life.

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