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We Detect Bacteria.
Real-Time Live Results - 24/7 

And other water quality parameters as well...
Coming Soon - PhenoMonitor
Live Detector for Bacterial, Biological and Chemical Water Contaminations

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Beyond Ordinary - Scanner Exclusive Feature:
Accurately detect in RT contaminant DURATIONs and LEVELs
  • Defending against recalls / boil alerts
  • Boosting water quality management
  • Contaminants: bacteria, µ-particles
  • Has one of the lowest OpEx 
Contamination event.gif
VBact “Bacterial Water Scanner™ ” products revolutionize your microbial water quality monitoring workflow 

Providing LIVE, automated, continuous, reagent-free 4 parameters:     

     Bacterial total count                                                                Micro-particles total count
(bacterial population) Classifier                     Micro-particles & bacteria size distribution

The “Scanner” product line step you forward into digitalization and automation. VBact is the first to offer “Microbial Industrial Automation™” performances. The Scanner continuous monitoring provides water quality validation and improves water process control.

VBact technology integrates innovative patented "Direct Imaging" technology and AI image processing capabilities, together with continuous 24/7 in-line liquid sampling and analysis. 

“Direct Imaging” utilizes sub-micron resolution while inducing special properties at each cell or micro-object. The "Scanner" products sensitively differentiate bacteria from general particles, and provide additional cell classification capabilities. It is a modular multi-parameter platform system that simultaneously analyzes various critical water quality parameters.  

As a reagent-free method the Scanner has one of the lowest operational cost in the market. 

Our systems are trusted by global companies.


Click here for the Scanner pioneering features & benefits 

4 Cutting-Edge Applications
1 Scanner 

Water Quality

Determine critical quality parameters: bacteria, 

µ-particles & others 24/7


React to contamination event, identify its location, understand its scope and restore water systems and production rapidly

Water Treatment

Optimize, validate and control water treatment processes. Lower operational costs while increase productivity.

Water Safety

Protect your systems, production and assets from environmental, accidental or intentional contamination

Video - Bacterial Water Scanner
Live demo of contamination event

Contact Us

VBact Ltd.

16 Haoren St., 
Rehovot 7657516, 

Tel +972.52.8484.730

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