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We Detect Bacteria.

In Real-time -

All the Time

VBact “Bacterial Water Scanner™ ” products revolutionize your workflow by enabling automated, continuous, reagent-free bacterial detection and enumeration

The “Scanner” product line step you forward into digitalization and “Industry 4.0”. VBact is the first to offer “Microbial Industrial Automation” performances.

VBact technology integrates innovative patented "Direct Imaging" method and AI image processing capabilities together with 24/7 in-line liquid sampling. 


“Direct Imaging” utilizes sub-micron resolution coupled with inducing each object special properties. The "Scanner" products sensitively differentiate bacteria from general particles, and classify between main microorganisms types and micro-particles. 

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4 Applications

1 Scanner 

Water Quality

Determine the microbial quality of the water

Water Safety

Protect your systems, production and assets from environmental, accidental or intentional contamination

& for the first time, we offer:
Crisis Management

React to contamination event, identify its location and restore water systems and production rapidly

Operational Optimization

Optimize and control in-process water based production. Lower operational costs while increase productivity.

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