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VBact develops, designs and manufactures novel real-time, automated, sensitive "Direct Imaging" based solutions. Its systems are targeted for the detection of bacteria, other microorganisms, and microparticles, in water, beverages and other liquids. ​

The technology is cost-effective and free from labeling, culture methods and the use of bio-chemistry reagents. VBact uses a single cell analysis concept and offers an accurate, quantitative measurement of the entire microbial sample content. The same concept is applicable and used for micro-particles.

Our 3 technological building blocks:


Liquid Management

flow unit and periodical disposable flow-cell component, called the disposable "Cartridge", to provide continuous inflow of water or other liquids for direct, immediate sampling and imaging.



Imaging system based on patented high resolution "Direct Imaging" [optical] method that induces specific spectral, optical, morphological and other properties of microorganisms and micro-particles, in water and other liquids.


Image Processing

Proprietary software and algorithms, including machine learning and AI, that allow for detection and enumeration and classification of the objects of interest, based on the singular data received by the unique images.

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