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Our Products

In-line Scanner

Real-time, automated, continuous 24/7 bacterial and micro-particles detection and enumeration

Lab Scanner
staph black edges-purple background copy

Specific samples analysis with result in 5 minutes

CIP Scanner
EC bacteria detection algo-source image.

Last water rinse CIP cycle monitoring - automated and continuous

Micro-Particles Detector

Real-time detector for all micro-particles at sizes of 0.3 - 15 micron including size distribution analysis

Studio shot of balloons on colored spott

Pioneering Features


Automated monitoring - autonomous operation

Sensitivity - 
Single cell analysis

Continuous operation 
24/7 - no sampling gaps

Big Data - 
Valuable sensitive and board data enabling enhanced water management & insights

Designed for live water systems -  at production lines, water systems and unmanned sites

Cost efficient, simplified operation, ,minimal maintenance 

Alerts - set thresholds and get Immediate alerts on out of spec / contamination events

Multi-parameter system - 

total count of bacteria, micro-particles, their sizes breakdown and more detectors to come  

Reagent-free - 
No culturing, pre-enrichment
or labeling are required.

Simple and efficient operation

Main Benefits

Minimize product recalls / boil alerts
Water treatment validation and optimization 
Increase water supply resilience and production uptime
Detect, react and manage out of spec events
Clear ROI
Minimize water & products losses
Various cost savings 
Water use optimization
Improve water quality control with unique data
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