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24/7, real-time, automated bacterial enumeration

staph black edges-purple background copy

Discrete sample analysis with results in 10 minutes

EC bacteria detection algo-source image.

Last cycle analysis of micro-particles and bacteria


Automated Monitoring

Sensitivity - 
Single cell [bacteria] analysis

Continuous operation 
up to 24/7

Alerts - 
Set alerts on irregular / contamination events

Simple and flexible sampling - Connect with 2 tubes to almost any sampling point

Reagent-free - 
No culturing, pre-enrichment
or labeling are required

Digitization - 
Direct transformation of “wet“ samples into digital results

Designed for industrial environment – Located at the production lines and water systems

4 Applications
in 1 Scanner
Water Quality

Automate, monitor and maintain quality standards in the plant. Set a threshold for bacterial quality and get immediate notifications on any deviation

Water Safety

Around the clock bacterial monitoring to protect your assets, brands and water systems from accidental, intentional and environmental unexpected contamination

Operational Optimization

The Bacterial and CIP Scanners big data insights, together with quantitative and real-time results enable to optimize processes in the plant.  Monitor filters and pumps efficiency, optimize CIP and treatment processes, automate control and production processes, save water, energy and detergent usage and more      

Crisis Management

The Scanner products assists you to deal immediately and efficiently with bacterial and micro-particles contamination events.  It provides a fast tool to locate the contamination source, its spread and to validate the cleaning process

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