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Micro-Particle Detector


Main Uses:

  • Water Quality Assurance

  • Unfiltered Mineral Water Quality  

  • Early Warning of Contamination

  • Infrastructure Integrity

  • Optimization of Treatment Processes

  • Ecological Effects

The Micro-Particle Detector (MPD) counts all micro-particles between the sizes of 0.3 to 15 microns and provides an analysis of particle size distribution in 3 micron interval. The operational detection and counting of micro-particles by the Scanner is similar to bacteria: it operates in real-time, continuously, automatically and the method is label-free.


MPD presents broader and clearer data over turbidity meter rough

measurements that can’t distinguish between particle sizes and

their actual count. Utilizing the MPD can significantly enhance

water quality monitoring and management. For example, immediate

detection of an increase in the level of certain particle size may indicate

a breach of the filtration system or a failure of another water

treatment process.

                                                                                                                                                         Micro-Particles Real-Time Detector

Micro-paeticles detector-on the main das

Additional uses for the MPD:

  • Compare and monitor water quality overtime for quality stability validation and control over seasonal quality shifts

  • Compare the quality between several water sources for better water management and selection the optimal water source for the operator needs

  • Water treatment validation and optimization

  • Compare and validate between water treatment equipment of different vendors

  • Validate wash and disinfection processes efficiency

The Micro-Particle Detector is an optional complementary detector.

Model No. VB-MPD-200

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