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VBact product line offers great Return on Investment (ROI). On average, immediate detection of a single contamination event - justifies the ownership of the system.  
There are many quantitative and qualitative benefits using the VBact Systems. Here are the main benefits:

Minimize product RECALLS

Validate & optimize     water treatment

Reduction in production line downtime

Reduction of
product losses

Fewer conventional method testing

Reduced warehouse

Shorter product

release cycle time

Reduction of investigation time/ resources

*For CIP – save on water, energy, detergents, used water treatment, prevent contamination of the coming product


Deeper understanding of manufacturing processes Adding further automation - “Industry 4.0”

Detect production line vulnerabilities

Increase production yield  

Higher capability of new product development

Increase product shelf life

Rapid identification of contamination source

Immediate cleaning validationProduction flexibility

Protect the Company’s brands and asset 

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