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VBact product line offers great Return on Investment (ROI). On average, immediate detection of a single contamination event - justifies the ownership of the system.  
There are many quantitative and qualitative benefits using the VBact Systems. Here are the main benefits:

Minimize product RECALLS / boil alerts / destruction of goods

Validate & optimize     water treatment

Reduction in production line downtime

Reduction of product losses / public fines

Fewer conventional method testing

Reduced warehouse

Shorter product

release cycle time

Reduction of investigation time & resources / emergency corrective actions

Saving on manual sampling, sample storage and transportation

*For CIP – save on water, energy, detergents, used water treatment, prevent contamination of the coming product


Improve water management / deeper understanding of manufacturing  processes 

Detect production line / water network vulnerabilities

Better water / process analytics with Scanner unique [Big] Data 

Higher capability of new product development

Increase product shelf life

Rapid identification of contamination source

Protect the Company’s brands and asset 

Immediate cleaning validation, production flexibility

Higher automation & process efficiencies / enabler for 

“Industry 4.0”

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