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In-Line Bacterial Water Scanner

  • Continuous, real-time bacterial total count of water systems

  • Fully automated operation

  • Reagent free – simplified and highly cost efficient operation

  • Can be placed almost anywhere – designed to be alongside production lines

  • Digital recording of all test results

  • Immediate alert on any deviation from user quality bacterial threshold

  • Optional: Micro-Particle Detector [lower graph], detect and count all micro-particles and receive size distribution between 0.3 to 15 micron


Model No. VB1000

Main Features

Streamline your water quality and treatment monitoring with automation and real-time results. The In-Line Scanner is designed to allow automated, continuous, 24/7 bacterial detection and enumeration of water systems. The results are received in real-time and provide the user an immediate bacterial status of the water. With these new capabilities, for the first time, users can react immediately to contamination or any undesired bacterial level. Moreover, VBact Direct Imaging technology also detects micro-particles in the water. By enabling the Micro-Particles Detector the Scanner quantifies the total number of micro-particles presence in the water and their breakdown into group sizes.

The multi-parameter capability - bacteria and micro-particles enumeration at the same time - allows unmatched broader understanding of the water quality and validating water treatment processes. 

Sampling - never been easier. The In-Line Scanner is connected with simple bypass configuration of two tubes - inlet and outlet - into almost any sampling point. Water can be returned into the water pipeline or disposed into collection container or the sewage.  

Periodical disposable cartridge – the Scanner contain a periodical disposable cartridge to ensure intact water flow and accurate results. Cartridge replacement schedule is dependent on the quality of the water and expected to be up to a month. The In-Line Scanner is designed to monitor the cartridge and notify the user when replacement is needed.    


Alerts – the user has the flexibility to determine a threshold to the maximum amount of allowed bacteria. Any crossing of this threshold is transmitted immediately to the user. The user can determine a group of people that shall receive this notification. Similar notification is transmitted once bacterial count decreases to the normal allowed level.   


Clear quantitative results and data.

The Scanner offers various data outputs. 

A. On the Scanner monitor:

1. Dynamic updating graphs with current bacterial & micro-particles count per 1ml

2. Numeric average counts per hour for the entire day

B. On the user computer:  

1. A detailed daily log files, covering 24 hours, providing singular Big Data is created automatically for reference and further analysis

2. Graphs with all the results of the of last day    


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