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CIP Scanner

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  • Monitor CIP water to determine production line cleanliness

  • CIP optimization based on the Scanner CIP data may results in saving of water, detergents, energy, sewage and cleaner products

  • Determine product “ClP Profile” - for the first time, a CIP cleanliness profile for each product, can be established using the CIP Scanner RT data

  • Data output: continuous enumeration of total micro-particles and bacterial counts and their size breakdown 

  • Fully automated operation managed directly from the plant control room

  • Designed to be placed in CIP room or production lines

  • Digital recording of all test results

  • Active automated washing process between CIP tests is provided by VBact Automated Washing Unit


Model No. VB3000

Main Features

For the first time, CIP efficiency monitoring is possible. It’s an era end for “blind” CIP processes. With VBact CIP Scanner the last rinse cycle of the CIP process, which should contains clean water, can be monitored.  The CIP Scanner counts the bacterial and micro-particles levels and further analyzes the micro-particles into group sizes. This broad data provides the user with operational information on the CIP process efficiency for each product, CIP tank and production line. 


CIP Optimization - with the CIP Scanner data user can analyze and optimize the CIP process that may result in saving of water, detergent usage, energy, sewage fees and most importantly cleaner and better products

Product CIP Profile - the CIP Scanner real-time quantitative data allows the plant to establish a "CIP Profile" for each product. The CIP Profile sets a benchmark for the CIP cleanliness efficiency, following a specific product CIP wash. The CIP Profile may combine additional production operational parameters for process optimization.

Control room operation - the CIP Scanner is designed to be operated by standard trigger from the plant control room. The system can be placed at CIP room or alongside production lines in places such as bottle washer or specific washing bathes.

The CIP Scanner is equipped with Automated Washing Unit for automated active washing between CIP cycles, to ensure reliable results. 

Periodical disposable cartridge - the CIP Scanner contain a periodical disposable cartridge to ensure intact water flow and accurate results. Cartridge replacement schedule is dependent on the quality of the CIP water and expected between every few days to once a month. The CIP Scanner is designed to monitor the cartridge and notify the user when replacement is needed.   

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