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Lab Bacterial Water Scanner

  • Suitable for specific sample rapid analysis

  • Bacterial total count results from each sample received within 10 minutes

  • Highly simplified and automated operation – just push “start”

  • Suitable for laboratory or other similar setting

  • Digital recording of all test results

  • Optional: adding Micro-Particle Detector

Model No. VB2000

Main Features

If you are looking for rapid testing of specific water sample this is the product for you. The Lab Scanner is designed for analysis of specific, discrete samples. Within 10 minutes total bacterial count result is received. The result appears immediately on the screen and can be digitally shared with others.

The operation is highly simplified and intuitive. The user inserts the Lab Scanner inlet and outlet tubes into the sampled bottle or the liquid container. The next step is just to push the “Run Test” bottom and the analysis starts. The water flows into the system in a close loop mode and the analysis is preformed automatically.

Once the analysis ends a wash step is required to prepare the system for the next sample analysis.  The system monitors the wash process and ends once the system is clean, usually within few minutes.  

Clear results - each test receives running serial number and the user can add by typing in the operator screen additional information about the sample, such as, product name, production batch and time and other relevant data. All daily test results are presented in a table format on the Lab Scanner screen.

Periodical disposable cartridge – the Lab Scanner contain a periodical disposable cartridge to ensure intact water flow and accurate results. Cartridge replacement schedule is dependent on the quality of the water and expected to be up to a month. The Lab Scanner is designed to monitor the cartridge and notify the user when replacement is needed.   

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